Special Focus Classes

Orff-Schulwerk Music Class

During this 30-minute music class, students learn and explore rhythm, 节奏, 动力学, music and language literacy, 还有乐器演奏. 他们唱, dance and move to stories or music; play diverse percussion instruments; and learn how to accompany themselves on the classroom Orff instruments. 即兴创作, creativity and critical thinking is encouraged, and performance opportunities are incorporated into special classroom events. Cavaliers and Junior Kindergartners attend a weekly throughout the year, while Canterbury Kids attend bi-weekly, beginning in January of the school year.

Our music class is based on the Orff-Schulwerk music process, which was developed by German composer Carl Orff. Orff believed two things: Children's musical experiences should involve 运动, instrument play and song, and that these experiences should be based on lyrics from children’s poems and folk songs because they're ideal for teaching rhythm, 运动, and percussion instruments.

儿童早期 Library Class

儿童早期 students attend a regularly scheduled, once-a-week Library class in the 较低的学校 Library. The program exposes them to various authors and genres of literature, as well as storytelling, language and library procedures. Students are encouraged to predict outcomes; compare and contrast similar stories, authors or illustrators; and express their opinions of content, 故事情节和风格.

Cavaliers and Junior Kindergartners check out books throughout the year, and they unite in one Chapel Library class to learn and discuss a moral or character-building lesson. Canterbury Kids participate in storytelling activities bi-weekly during the second semester only.

儿童早期 Gross Motor Class

儿童早期 students meet weekly for a Gross Motor class (Canterbury Kids begin second semester.) Activities are designed to develop gross motor skills such as balance, hand and eye coordination, 运动, 跳过, 跳等. Obstacle courses and physical education games and sports are introduced.